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I got this great Landing Page question from Ian Z, and the answer is so important, I thought it best to post it here for everyone to read.

I have just started reading your ebook.  So far, excellent.  And I do have a question….

I am an experienced programmer, finishing off my first mass-market offering.  I know I have to build the landing pages and a web site.  And this is where my confusion lies…..

1.  I understand the Landing Page concept, with no external links.

2.  I understand I need a site and a Home Page with links to content about my product and general subject.

Q:  If the Landing Page has NO external links, no distractions, how do they ever find my Home Page?  Can I have links to other parts of my site?

Maybe you explain it further on in the book.  But so far I don't understand this. If you can reply, great.  If not, c'est la vie!

Anyway, excellent book.  Learning a lot before I waste time creating a lousy site.

Many thanks.

Ian Z

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Affiliate Summit 2007 — Small businesses vs Large businesses

Today I'm in Las Vegas and at 2pm I'll be speaking at the Affiliate Summit, the world's largest meeting of affiliate marketing and merchant marketers. I'll be talking about. . . well, Landing

In doing some research from my talk, I did discover one thing. We "smaller" marketers — and by "small" I mean that we're not Amazon or Payless — we tend to pay closer attention to the money we spend on marketing, the return we get from that.  Don't fool yourself into thinking that large companies do a better job of marketing, because they don't.

Want to know who does?

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Popups, Popovers and Google’s Rules

I got a question from Kumar (no domain name provided) about popups and such.

Hey Mark,

I don't have any popups or popunders or popovers or any pop anything on my site, but I do know that they can increase my optins. I also heard that Google doesn't allow these things.

I don't want to offend anyone, but I do want people to sign up. What do you suggest?



Popups open in a separate window and are verbotten by Google when sending traffic from Adwords. You can have them deeper in your site, but not on the page you land on from Adwords.

Popunders are also separate windows. Anything that opens in a new window can be blocked by a popup blocker.

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Does Google Hate Affiliate Links?

Russ wrote me and asked the following:

Hey Mark,
All good information for sure… but I have a good question…

The websites I have are all based on sending users to a merchant page with affiliate links. That is my whole goal with these sites. However, the more content I add, the more affiliate links I have.

I have read that having affiliate links in your site are starting to hurt your ranking with search engines. Is this true? What do you suggest? Should I be using javascript links instead.

I am not really sure how to circumvent this issue. Please advise. All comments welcome.

I really don't think that Google wants to end affiliate marketing as we know it.

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The Google Crash of 2006

Back when the stock market crashed in 1929 — or more recently in 1987 — a lot of people lost their livelihood, their savings and their businesses.

And from reading the Internet Marketing blogs and forums these days, it seems that a lot of people are going through exactly the same thing.

Where they used to be able to spend a dollar and make two, now they’re being asked to spend $10 to make $5.

And that’s not something you can fix with more volume.

Regular people who provide good content, good service, and good products are now losing their ability to