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Every Possible Mistake You Could Make

This past Sunday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed on 60 minutes. If you didn’t happen to see it, I’ll give you a link in a moment where you can watch it online.

It’s fascinating.

Definitely worth watching, especially if you use Facebook (you do, don’t you?) or saw the move “The Social Network.” (Highly recommended.)

The 60 minutes interview lets you reconcile what you saw in the movie with how Mark is, in real life.

Beyond that, though, two things stood out to me that I think are very much worth talking about, because there are important messages in there for both you and me.

During the interview, Zuckerberg was asked how he would rate himself as a CEO.

But Mark didn’t answer that question, because I think he would have had a conflict over which of several answers to give (and because he probably didn’t want to sound too arrogant on TV).

If he were to be candid about his answer, he’d say that

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WordPress Plugins That Rock!

A couple weeks ago, I told you about a brand new WordPress theme that is designed for marketers who want to monetize their blogs the “point-and-click” easy way without having to be a designer or spend money on expensive dsigners to make the blog look like you wanted it to.

I just got word that this evening (in about 2 hours), Stu McLaren and Tracy Childers are doing a free webinar on “Plugins That Rock”.

What Stu and Tracy mean is that these are plugins that will help you build a blog that can be the hub of an online membership site.

Online membership sites allow you to bulid a *real* online business, one that you can count month after month. If you’ve ever wondered how you can truly monetize your blog by converting it into a membership site, this webinar will be invaluable to you.

Click here for the WordPress Plugins Webinar

Note: The webinar is ALREADY overbooked, so be sure to connect to the call at least 10 minutes early to make sure you get a spot. GoToWebinar doesn’t limit how many people register for a webinar, but it does limit how many people attend. That’s why you need to get there early.

And no, that’s not a gimmick.

I’ll be on the call. If you’re looking for a way to monetize your site, I hope you are on the call, too.

To Your Success,


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What would YOU ask John Carlton?

I’ve got a question for you: If YOU could get JOHN CARLTON on the phone, what would you ask him?

As you probably know, NOTHING sells unless someone writes some copy. Whether you’re speaking that copy on a video, or pasting it into an autoresponder, or writing a sales page or squeeze page…copy is critical.

It makes money for you.

Like it or not, if you want to sell your stuff, your number one job is to get your audience to understand why they should spend their hard-earned money and give it to you.

Now, you can call that influence, inspiration, persuasion, convincing…whatever you like. But the bottom line is that no one buys unless they understand why they should buy. That’s what writing copy is all about.

And there are WRONG ways and RIGHT ways to write copy.
And there are SLOW ways and FAST ways to write copy.
And there are HARD ways and EASY ways to write copy.

Writing copy the wrong way might not only lose a sale for you, it might even chase away your best customers.

John is a master of writing GREAT copy the FAST and EASY way.

So I’ve arranged to get about 45 minutes of John Carlton’s time, and he’s going to

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One little trick that leads to a $2mm breakout year

With some skills, the difference between “just getting by” and “outrageous success” is about 10,000 hours of perfecting your art.

That’s true of Olympic-level sports, creating great art, and brain surgery, among other skills.

There are other things people do, where the difference between “just getting by” and “outrageous success” can be as simple as just one simple trick.

Internet marketing is often like that.

You can discover great success by finally “getting it” about writing a headline.You can discover how to multiply your conversion rates just by learning how to split test. And you can save yourself from a string of failures by learning how to pick a niche the right way.

Well it turns out that you can also make a huge difference in your bottom line by learning one little trick about “closing the sale.”
If you are an information marketer, I recommend you get on this free teleseminar. It’s about how to make more money speaking, running teleseminars, and running webinars…and then closing the sale.

And it’s mostly about one little trick that helped a young woman named Lisa Sasevich, an information marketer a lot like you, have a breakout year last year, shooting from revenues of a few hundred thousand dollars to over two million dollars.

I met Lisa last month at a mastermind meeting of some of the top internet marketers, and she showed me that what she knew was for real.

She’s holding a webinar, where she wants to share with you the “little trick” she discovered, and a bunch of others, too. The trick, by the way is exactly the opposite of what you’ve probably been taught about “speaking to sell”, in any form.

There’s more I could tell you, but it’d be better if Lisa did that herself. Join her this Wednesday, at 2pm PST, 5pm EST.

You can register here.

I’ll be on the call, too. Lisa’s pretty darn smart.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. Lisa is very much a “how to” kind of instructor, so bring a pencil and paper, or open up MS Word, when you join the call this Wednesday.

Oh, one last thing…Lisa’s not paying me a penny to tell you about her call. I really do think you should attend if you make your money (or want to make your money) with teleseminars, webinars, or speaking from the stage. I am an affiliate of Lisa’s though, and so if you do enroll in any of her courses, I will be compensated as her affiliate. And here’s another tip for you…if you’re an information marketer, and NOT marketing other people’s information along with your own, you should be. More about that on another day.

For now, enroll in Lisa’s Teleseminar. You’re sure to learn something important.


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You Help Haiti And I’ll Help You

Here’s the bottom line. You already know about the horrible earthquake tragedy in Haiti. A quick glance at any news channel on TV, or any news site online, and you can see the devastation.

I was thinking the other day about how I can help the people in Haiti beyond the cash that I am giving on my own. How can I get other good people to join me in helping the Haitians.

And then an idea came to me.

I could bribe you.

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He said ‘Because that’s where the money is.’

People ask me why I attend so many trainings, or study so many home study courses.

My answer is the same as the bank robber Willie Sutton. When Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he replied, " Because that’s where the money is."

I was gone 5 whole days out of last week to attend a very special training course run by Eben Pagan. In attendance were other smart marketers, including Jeff Walker, Lou D’Alo, and Joe Polish…and about 150 other students.

The room was packed for some life-changing information. Want to know what it was about?

"Advanced Learning and Teaching Techniques."

Now, all things being equal, this is NOT a course I would have normally made time for. But since Eben was teaching it, attendance was a non-issue. Of course, I’d go!

And I’m glad I did.

So in this message today, there are TWO VITAL CONCEPTS I want to focus you on. Knowing them each will help you be more successful … starting today.

The first is this:

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Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies

One of the first lessons you learn in Marketing is that people buy what they want, not what they need.

That’s why you don’t really see a lot of toilet paper selling online, but you can buy an ipod at several thousand websites.

So when Eben Pagan and Wyatt Woodsmall announced their "Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies" seminar in Los Angeles, I was skeptical.

How are they going to fill the room?

Well, it turns out that about 150 people did fill the room this past week, and it was an incredibly eye opening event.

I was there for all five days, and I’ll boil down what I thought was the most powerful take-away from the event.

For most of us, Learning just means  

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Why Does He Carry Titanium Business Card?

What on earth would compel someone to have his business cards made out of Titanium?

I’m not talking about a Credit card, like a platinum or Onyx Amex card…those are relatively common.

I’m talking about a business card…The kind you might pass out a dozen or a hundred times a day to new friends and business associates.

Well, I met a guy who gave me his business card — titanium — a few months ago.

Titanium Business Card

He was wearing a white jacket, white pants, a tshirt, and espadrille shoes. Very "Miami Vice".

And engraved into his business card was his logo of an octopus.

I asked him what the octopus meant, and he told me that

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7 Techniques to Grow Your Online Business – Free Video

It’s Friday, so I’ll make this quick…

Here’s a free video that Eben Pagan just put online that teaches 7 of his most valuable techniques for building a multi-million dollar company (just opt-in on this page and you’ll be taken DIRECTLY to the video):

This video is jam packed with killer time- management techniques, tips for how to market your products, tips for how to hire good "virtual assistants" – and MUCH more.

He actually calls the video: "$1 Million Worth Of Business Advice – Free"

You won’t believe how much

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Internet Marketing: A personal story about when I started

I’ve never really told this story publicly before, so I hope you’ll take a moment to hear it.

It might mean as much to you as it has to me.

Several years ago, near the beginning of my Internet marketing career, I met Alex Mandossian, who told me all about Teleseminar Marketing, and how anyone can earn a living with just a laptop, a chair, and a phone (and the laptop is optional).

It took me two weeks to decide to take the course, but I knew there was something there for me…something about what Alex was telling me made total sense.

Problem was…I didn’t have the tuition to take Alex’s course, or even space on any of my credit cards…so I had to