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Article Quality Guidelines

There’s a big difference between articles, especially with regards to article quality.In short, if you want to have any quality to your site at all, you need to set some article quality guidelines.

Now, for all of my blogs and websites that have to do with Internet Marketing, I write my own stuff. All of it. So the words you’re reading now and the words you  read on any of my marketing or web development sites are all me. 100%.

But I’ve got lots of other sites, too. For example, I’ve got a website that’s all about orthopedic braces, the Atkins Diet, and many other non-IM sites. And while I don’t necessarily write all of the content for those sites, I do care that the content is of high quality, helpful to its readers, and profitable for me.


Article quality has a lot to do with all of that.

An Article Marketing Quality Story

Following is an email I sent to my partner on one of those sites — a man who used to be an intern of mine but has now gone on to a successful IM career of his own — regarding articles that were written about Ankle Braces. Please read it to learn about the article standards that I require.

Article Quality Guidelines
Article Quality Guidelines will improve your response from your Ezine Articles submissions and conversions on your blog.

I’m sure it will be helpful to you when you’re having content written for your own sites.

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Marketing Tools Outsourcing

The Path to the 4 Hour Work Week

The sooner you see this the better. It’s the ONLY path to the 4 Hour Work Week kind of life that just about every internet marketer says they want.


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p.s. Your outsourced labor can do your traffic generation, your product creation, your copywriting, your graphic design, your testing and tracking…just about everything (However, I’d save “counting the money” as a guilty pleasure for yourself.)

I believe in outsourcing. I do it every day now. You can’t imagine how liberating it is to find great people to do great work for you.

Business Building Marketing Tools Outsourcing

Outsourcing: $2 plus $2 equals $200 (or more)

You’re about to discover why the difference between two dollars spent, and two dollars earned, is not four dollars, but as much as $200 to $2,000.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Let me explain.

There are lots of parts to your online business, and you probably divide your time among all of them.

Most of us tend to spend our time doing a lot of $10 to $20 per hour work.
That’s stuff like web page editing, making your product, writing blog posts, and doing lower level creative work.

If you’re like most people, you’d actually prefer to be spending your time on the $200 to $2,000 per hour work. That’s top level CEO stuff, like figuring out kind of business you are in, developing strategic marketing partnerships, and deciding what products to make.

(This is what Wall Street CEOs get paid the big bucks for, and what YOU want to be paid for, too.)

The big huge problem is that