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Do You Multitask?

One of the responses on my blog to the book “The Triumph Of The Stupid”, was that “Over the years I have multi-tasked myself out of a fortune”.

Wow. What a statement.

Print that out and tape it to your wall over your computer.

You need to I know that getting one thing DONE at a time is THE PATH TO SUCCESS.

Why? Because something actually gets DONE that way.

So I’m curious to know about your own struggles with multi-tasking.

For example…many people who want to get traffic to their site will

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Stomping the Search Engines V2 vs My Traffic Course

I’ve received some questions yesterday about “Stomping the Search Engines Version 2”, and how it’s going to compare with my new Traffic Course, so rather than answering those questions individually, I thought I’d let everyone know what I know.

Now, in case you haven’t heard about Stomping the Search Engines Version 2 (STSE2), it’s a complete SEO course on DVD created by some of the top experts on Search Engines in the world: Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, and the rest of their very well known and highly qualified faculty.

Brilliant people, all of them. And many of the are my friends.

There are thousands of people like you (and some more advanced) who are paying upwards of $800 a month to learn from Stompernet, and for many of them it’s a great investment.

The STSE2 package is a digest of all of SEO packed into about 16 hours of DVDs.

The weird thing is that

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Getting Offline Traffic (and maybe even Oprah)

The other day, I wrote you about how bloggers and other website publishers are in constant need for content for their websites.

That’s why you want to write articles — so that they’ll put your content, your name, and your links all over the internet.

Good, yes?

Well, here’s how you can get publicity in the offline world, too.

It turns out that your local newspaper, trade papers, niche websites, the Wall Street Journal, magazines, TV Stations and Radio Stations all NEED CONTENT too.

Here’s how to give it to them.

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Seth Godin Apologizes

Seth Godin’s post yesterday, which many people have characterized as promoting clickfraud, created a firestorm of controversy all over the web.

Seth’s response to the uproar was to post an explanation of his thinking, which to me actually made the problem worse.

I’m sure his inbox was flooded, and a few well-written comments to both of his posts generated the following apology from Seth:

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On-Page SEO Tips

You’re going to be learning a lot about getting traffic to you site over the next few weeks, but there’s something you need to do first — before you start trying to get that traffic — that will multiply the effect of everything you do.

Before I can tell you that, though, you should understand something…It’s a subtle difference in traffic that some people overlook, but is really very important.

So let me ask you this question…

As part of our traffic building work, we’re going to be getting links from other sites back to your site. So what’s the purpose of getting a link to your site on another site?

There are two. The first is