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Very Small Tweaks To Improve Your Website

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you sell your own stuff, chances are, your website can make you A LOT more money than it does now.

What kind of difference would a mere doubling of sales do for you? I don’t know your personal situation, but it might mean you’re able to make a MUCH better Christmas for your kids than in years past. Or it might mean being able to expand your business, hire more people, and give yourself a raise.

Or maybe it means you can pay a few bills.

Whatever it means to you, it’s NOT TOO LATE. All you need is a little help.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

The difference between an average or poorly performing sales or squeeze page, and a page that works twice as well might be a VERY SMALL TWEAK. It could a difference of one

Conversion Marketing Tools Split Testing Traffic & Conversion

Why Your Landing Page Isn’t As Good As It Could Be

If you’ve ever wondered whether your landing page, squeeze page, or entire website was as good as it could be, I’ve got an answer for you.


And there are two reasons why that’s probably the case:

1) “You’re probably not split testing.”

Split testing is the probably the single best way to improve the performance of your website. If you wanted to get more opt-ins, make more sales, and overall just make more money, split testing can get you there more quickly than any other method I know.

If you’re not split testing, start now.


If you’re already split testing, there is one more demon that may be getting in your way. And that brings us to the second reason why your site isn’t as good as it could be.  It’s that…

Conversion Split Testing Traffic & Conversion

For split-testing geeks only…

My friend Jim Stone is the creator of the premier multi-variate split testing tool, the Split Test Accelerator.

Among all of the good marketing friends I have, Jim dives deepest into the science of split testing.

For example, he just wrote an article about something new, called “untethered split testing”.

It’s a technique for increasing your conversions far beyond what you would normally be able to do either with simple split testing, or even multi-variate split testing.


Go read Jim’s split testing blog here.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

p.s. If you want to make your web page perform better, go get Jim’s free 3-step split testing starter kit here.