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The Traffic Multiplier – Six Minutes to Massive Traffic

There’s one thing about traffic that you need to know BEFORE you start trying to get more of it. Everyone who has made it beyond "newbie" status knows this — in fact, their business lives and dies by this.

Whether or not you enroll in my traffic course, watch this video and do what it says — even if you don’t think you need to. And what you’ll discover is exactly why I call this a Traffic Multiplier.

Watch this video till the end — In it, I’ll offer you a SIX MINUTE SOLUTION — and

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How You’ll Finally Get Traffic To Your Website

Over the last few weeks I’ve been dropping a few hints about the traffic course that I’ve been working on.

And so I got this question the other day from a reader of mine, Ben, and I realized while answering it that I’ve answered this SAME QUESTION dozens of times before for other people who’ve asked…and so I thought I’d answer it for you.

Here’s what he asked (copied right out of skype):

[9/15/2008 9:55:40 AM] Ben S says: What makes it
different from STSE and TS2?

“Great Question,” I replied…Why would I spend so much time and effort on a NEW traffic course, right after Traffic Secrets 2.0 and Stomping the Search Engines?

Didn’t they cover everything? Aren’t they good products? Didn’t EVERYBODY get those?


Here’s why I’m making this course for you.

In my Traffic Course, although you’ll learn plenty about getting traffic to you site, THE FOCUS IS NOT on LECTURE and education. The focus is on GETTING IT DONE. And specifically, getting your FIRST ONE done., and your second, and your third.

It’s not about BRAIN LEARNING, it’s about MUSCLE MEMORY.

So here is how the course is going to work, and why

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Mike Filsaime’s TrafficFusion — 2 for 1

I’ve been getting some emails the last few days about Mike Filsaime’s TrafficFusion product. Mostly, I’d classify these as “panic” emails.

Why Panic?

Because, by and large, they say this…

Mark, I’ve been waiting patiently for your
new Traffic Course, but lately my email
box is filled with people telling me about
TrafficFusion. Is Mike’s program a duplicate
of yours? If not, how are they different?

And some ended with basically…

Mark, Mike is only selling 2,000 TrafficFusion
Memberships. Can you write me back
BEFORE he runs out?

So here’s the behind-the-scenes about TrafficFusion and my own Traffic Course.


TrafficFusion is Mike’s new tool that makes it REAL easy


Traffic Course Name Contest

I don’t have a name for my traffic course yet.
If you help me name it, there’s a big prize in it for you.

Here’s what I know.
*I can tell you it’s going to be the simplest course to follow EVER. I can tell you that the course will actually result in YOU GETTING TRAFFIC to your site — from day 1.
*I can tell you that there will be a lot of hand-holding and personal involvement by me and my faculty.
*I can tell you that I have a personal care and desire for you to be successful on your site.
*And I can tell you that we’re going to follow the principles in The Triumph Of the Stupid to get the job done.

That’s right, we’re going to be STUPID.

So my question to you is…

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Do You Multitask?

One of the responses on my blog to the book “The Triumph Of The Stupid”, was that “Over the years I have multi-tasked myself out of a fortune”.

Wow. What a statement.

Print that out and tape it to your wall over your computer.

You need to I know that getting one thing DONE at a time is THE PATH TO SUCCESS.

Why? Because something actually gets DONE that way.

So I’m curious to know about your own struggles with multi-tasking.

For example…many people who want to get traffic to their site will

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Triumph of the stupid was written for you

If you haven’t downloaded and READ “The Triumph Of The Stupid”, go do it now.

One reader, Debra, said this:

“I wish I’d read this two years ago.”

(But I don’t want YOU to have any regrets.)

And generally speaking, many people would agree with what Nic asked:

“Was the book written for me specifically?!”

(My answer: Yes.)

That’s because


The Triumph of the Stupid

Give me a minute before I explain the title “The Triumph of the Stupid”, to talk about TRAFFIC for a second.

You know already that in the survey I ran, 91% of everyone who responded said that Traffic was their first or second MOST IMPORTANT thing they needed to make their online business a success.

So I got to thinking about why that is. Why is getting Internet TRAFFIC such a PROBLEM for you?

And I started thinking about why some OTHER people never have a problem with traffic. Some are famous (Kern, Filsaime, Mandossian) and some are totally unknown. Either way, this group of people KNOWS EXACTLY how to get hordes of people to their site.

But I’ll tell you something shocking. It’s not because they are so SMART.

No, it’s because

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Stomping the Search Engines V2 vs My Traffic Course

I’ve received some questions yesterday about “Stomping the Search Engines Version 2”, and how it’s going to compare with my new Traffic Course, so rather than answering those questions individually, I thought I’d let everyone know what I know.

Now, in case you haven’t heard about Stomping the Search Engines Version 2 (STSE2), it’s a complete SEO course on DVD created by some of the top experts on Search Engines in the world: Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, and the rest of their very well known and highly qualified faculty.

Brilliant people, all of them. And many of the are my friends.

There are thousands of people like you (and some more advanced) who are paying upwards of $800 a month to learn from Stompernet, and for many of them it’s a great investment.

The STSE2 package is a digest of all of SEO packed into about 16 hours of DVDs.

The weird thing is that

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Getting Offline Traffic (and maybe even Oprah)

The other day, I wrote you about how bloggers and other website publishers are in constant need for content for their websites.

That’s why you want to write articles — so that they’ll put your content, your name, and your links all over the internet.

Good, yes?

Well, here’s how you can get publicity in the offline world, too.

It turns out that your local newspaper, trade papers, niche websites, the Wall Street Journal, magazines, TV Stations and Radio Stations all NEED CONTENT too.

Here’s how to give it to them.

Blogging Traffic

Why You Need a Blog if you want Massive Traffic

If you don’t have a blog yet, then you’re about to learn why you should get one set up today, BEFORE you start your other traffic efforts. And, if YOU DO have a blog, you’ll discover how to leverage it to help drive traffic to your site.

Your blog can be used in two different ways: the blog itself can be your business, or if you’ve got a product to sell, the blog can get people to your sales page.

Either way, the blog is critical to your traffic work.

Here’s why.

Blogs are natural traffic magnets. You’ve heard me talk already about how it’s important to set up your pages so that the search engines know what your site is about, right? Well, blogs are naturally built that way, especially WordPress blogs.

All you need to do is title your post with your keywords, and that post title (and your keywords) end up in the page heading — which Search Engines look at to learn about the text on that page. And those same headings also show up in your Page Title (the text in the blue bar), which is probably the single most important