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Jim Edwards Minisite Webinar

Mark here with an important update…

If you're sick and tired of all the latest 'gimmicky' ways to profit online…if you're looking for the REAL story of how you can quickly get going in online business.. and if you want a simple, proven path to follow that works…

…then I have a very special free *video* gift for you.

Recently, I recently hosted a very special *content-packed* 'Next Generation Mini-Site Secrets' webinar only for my customers and subscribers.

During this one-time-only event,


List Building, Skeet Shooting, and Fish in a Barrel

Have you ever tried Skeet shooting?

Odds are, you haven't, but you probably have seen it on TV, or at least know what it is, right?

That's when someone throws or launches a clay target into the air, and it's the shooter's job to aim at where that target is moving and pull the trigger so that the buckshot can be at the same spot as the target at the same moment in time.

It's a real challenge.

Even if your aim is perfect —  but you fire too soon — the target hasn't even been there yet. And if you fire too late, the target is long gone.

If everything doesn't intersect at exactly the same time at exactly the same spot,

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Why Search Engines Love Blogs

Most website designers believe that a blog is all about how it looks, or all about how it works. That's because a lot of web developers are graphic artists or programmers.
But you and I are marketers, and in today's Internet, really the most important part about a website is what it says, and how clearly it shows that.


Joel Comm’s Instant Adsense Templates Interview

Joel Comm is a friend of mine, and we very much think alike in terms of White Hat methods for building online businesses. So, when I saw him online *late* Sunday night — he was up working on his Instant Adsense Templates program — I had to talk with him.

Here's why:

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Google Adsense – How Much Money Can You Really Make?

In the Landing Page Cash Machine ebook, I wrote about how you can enhance your revenue with strategic placement of Adsense ads on your site.

Some people, though, run their entire business around creating good content for their readers, and fund their efforts with Adsense ads.

Skeptics abound about Google Adsense. Some people say Adsense is dead, and others sing its praises and proclaim it will last forever.

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Popups, Popovers and Google’s Rules

I got a question from Kumar (no domain name provided) about popups and such.

Hey Mark,

I don't have any popups or popunders or popovers or any pop anything on my site, but I do know that they can increase my optins. I also heard that Google doesn't allow these things.

I don't want to offend anyone, but I do want people to sign up. What do you suggest?



Popups open in a separate window and are verbotten by Google when sending traffic from Adwords. You can have them deeper in your site, but not on the page you land on from Adwords.

Popunders are also separate windows. Anything that opens in a new window can be blocked by a popup blocker.

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Does Google Hate Affiliate Links?

Russ wrote me and asked the following:

Hey Mark,
All good information for sure… but I have a good question…

The websites I have are all based on sending users to a merchant page with affiliate links. That is my whole goal with these sites. However, the more content I add, the more affiliate links I have.

I have read that having affiliate links in your site are starting to hurt your ranking with search engines. Is this true? What do you suggest? Should I be using javascript links instead.

I am not really sure how to circumvent this issue. Please advise. All comments welcome.

I really don't think that Google wants to end affiliate marketing as we know it.

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The Google Crash of 2006

Back when the stock market crashed in 1929 — or more recently in 1987 — a lot of people lost their livelihood, their savings and their businesses.

And from reading the Internet Marketing blogs and forums these days, it seems that a lot of people are going through exactly the same thing.

Where they used to be able to spend a dollar and make two, now they’re being asked to spend $10 to make $5.

And that’s not something you can fix with more volume.

Regular people who provide good content, good service, and good products are now losing their ability to