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Protect Your Download Page — Why?

Do you need to protect your download page? Lots of people don’t think they need to. But by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll change your mind. That’s because what you’re about to discover is a trick that crooks use to steal your infoproducts, whether you know they’re doing it or not.

It’s like they walked into your house, opened up your laptop, and just took your ebook (or videos, audios, plugins, software). You need to protect your download page.

So why the alarm bells? I’ll explain. But first, let me tell you how we discovered this.

Dan regularly sends me emails when he hears about some crook posting the contents of a product on some warez or pirate site. He gets frustrated, because clearly those people are BAD people, taking the work of one person and putting it out to the public for everyone else to steal.

And if you don’t protect your download page, they’re gonna get yours.

Dan gets equally upset whether the product is one of his products, our products, or the products of our friends…or ANYONE’s product. It’s just not right.

Now, we’ve been raving recently about a product called the Rank Tracker Plugin. Each time someone searches for a keyword that lands them on our website, it sends us an email. Needless to say, we get LOTS of Rank Tracker emails (Thankfully, you can set the Rank Tracker Plugin to email you only once a day or once a week, if you like.)

We got one of our Rank Tracker emails today, and what Dan saw there instantly told him that someone was trying to steal from us. Dan’s instant reaction was to check to see if we were actually vulnerable to the attack — and it turns out we were not.

But, you might be, and you need to know about this. So what did we see in that Rank Tracker email?

IMPORTANT: In the rest of this post, “Protect Your Download Page” I show you EXACTLY how to find unprotected download pages so you know how thieves find and steal good content. The goal is so that you can protect yourself from these same tactics. However, if the “bad guys” saw this information, they would use it to steal more stuff. As a result, the rest of this post is PROTECTED in the member’s area of my membership site, ACME Traffic. If you are a member of ACME Traffic, you can read the rest of the post there. If you’re not a member, you can join using the link at the top of the page.

Read the rest of “Protect Your Download Page” on ACME Traffic.

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WordPress Plugins That Rock!

A couple weeks ago, I told you about a brand new WordPress theme that is designed for marketers who want to monetize their blogs the “point-and-click” easy way without having to be a designer or spend money on expensive dsigners to make the blog look like you wanted it to.

I just got word that this evening (in about 2 hours), Stu McLaren and Tracy Childers are doing a free webinar on “Plugins That Rock”.

What Stu and Tracy mean is that these are plugins that will help you build a blog that can be the hub of an online membership site.

Online membership sites allow you to bulid a *real* online business, one that you can count month after month. If you’ve ever wondered how you can truly monetize your blog by converting it into a membership site, this webinar will be invaluable to you.

Click here for the WordPress Plugins Webinar

Note: The webinar is ALREADY overbooked, so be sure to connect to the call at least 10 minutes early to make sure you get a spot. GoToWebinar doesn’t limit how many people register for a webinar, but it does limit how many people attend. That’s why you need to get there early.

And no, that’s not a gimmick.

I’ll be on the call. If you’re looking for a way to monetize your site, I hope you are on the call, too.

To Your Success,


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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish with Your Online Business

I had a long online chat with Nathan Anderson yesterday about his “Niche ATM” sites. This morning, I was thinking about the webinar he’s doing tomorrow, and I thought I’d share with you the beginning of that chat with Nathan because frankly, there’s an important lesson to be learned.

In the video (that about a thousand of my readers watched over the last two days), Nathan shows how he automatically made a site about Auto Insurance — a VERY high value keyword in the Affiliate and Adsense space — and how in about a week it had ranked at #2 for his keyword.

Well, yesterday, I Googled the keyword he had optimized for, which was “Casualty Auto Insurance” and found that his site was now #1 on Google.

(You can Google the keyword yourself to see what I mean.)

On the blog (which you can see below the video after you opt in on Nathan’s site), some people were asking “Won’t the rankings deteriorate over time?”

Nathan replied that they wouldn’t. In fact, they’d rise. (Nathan is replying to a LOT of the blog posts there.)

The weird thing about what Nathan does is that — and I frankly don’t understand this fully yet — his sites rank highly WITHOUT getting backlinks.

So, when someone finally does link to the site, the site rises even more.

Again, I don’t get it, but I don’t have to, because

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One little trick that leads to a $2mm breakout year

With some skills, the difference between “just getting by” and “outrageous success” is about 10,000 hours of perfecting your art.

That’s true of Olympic-level sports, creating great art, and brain surgery, among other skills.

There are other things people do, where the difference between “just getting by” and “outrageous success” can be as simple as just one simple trick.

Internet marketing is often like that.

You can discover great success by finally “getting it” about writing a headline.You can discover how to multiply your conversion rates just by learning how to split test. And you can save yourself from a string of failures by learning how to pick a niche the right way.

Well it turns out that you can also make a huge difference in your bottom line by learning one little trick about “closing the sale.”
If you are an information marketer, I recommend you get on this free teleseminar. It’s about how to make more money speaking, running teleseminars, and running webinars…and then closing the sale.

And it’s mostly about one little trick that helped a young woman named Lisa Sasevich, an information marketer a lot like you, have a breakout year last year, shooting from revenues of a few hundred thousand dollars to over two million dollars.

I met Lisa last month at a mastermind meeting of some of the top internet marketers, and she showed me that what she knew was for real.

She’s holding a webinar, where she wants to share with you the “little trick” she discovered, and a bunch of others, too. The trick, by the way is exactly the opposite of what you’ve probably been taught about “speaking to sell”, in any form.

There’s more I could tell you, but it’d be better if Lisa did that herself. Join her this Wednesday, at 2pm PST, 5pm EST.

You can register here.

I’ll be on the call, too. Lisa’s pretty darn smart.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. Lisa is very much a “how to” kind of instructor, so bring a pencil and paper, or open up MS Word, when you join the call this Wednesday.

Oh, one last thing…Lisa’s not paying me a penny to tell you about her call. I really do think you should attend if you make your money (or want to make your money) with teleseminars, webinars, or speaking from the stage. I am an affiliate of Lisa’s though, and so if you do enroll in any of her courses, I will be compensated as her affiliate. And here’s another tip for you…if you’re an information marketer, and NOT marketing other people’s information along with your own, you should be. More about that on another day.

For now, enroll in Lisa’s Teleseminar. You’re sure to learn something important.


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Free Website Optimization Webinar Today

One of the things that is easy to see among many of the websites that were sent into me for today’s free Website Optimization Webinar is that you become blind to things you’ve seen over and over again.

I bet that happens to you at home. Someone leaves a book on the countertop, and it sits there for a day, then a week, and eventually it becomes part of the furniture. You just don’t see it anymore. It’s a permanent fixture.

And you’re blind to it, even though to a visitor it might stand out like a sore thumb.

The same thing happens with websites.

You’ve got your website built in a certain way, based on a certain set of assumptions. Maybe you put something on your site one day for some reason…or re-designed it a certain way, and now that change seems like it’s always been there.

And it’s STILL there, even though to everyone else it may actually be sticking out like a sore thumb, hurting your sales.

One of the great benefits of a website review is that

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Strange Results from Website Conversion Survey

So just a couple of days ago, I invited you (and a few thousand other of my closest friends) to a website review webinar that I’m hosting this coming Friday.

Click: Website Review Webinar

As part of the registration process, I asked you a few questions, and the results so far have been pretty darn interesting, at least in a couple of areas.

I think the most fascinating thing is that 2/3 of the people who said that they don’t split test now, and NEVER PLAN TO SPLIT TEST, also say that website conversion is their number one problem.

That’s pretty fascinating, actually.

Split testing is a pretty easy thing to do, once you learn how. Yet people don’t take advantage of pretty much the biggest money-maker (or money-saver, depending on your current conversion rate) that’s available to them and their online business.

But here’s an even more fascinating thing.

CHECK THIS OUT: Of all the people who said that they do not plan to split test, do you know what

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Free Website Review Webinar — You’re Invited

Would you like to know why the traffic that gets to your website isn’t buying what you’ve got to sell?

If you silently thought “YES” to that question, then I think I understand you.

You must be wondering…

“I’ve got the best product in my niche. Yeah, it’s a lot of work to get people to my site, but once they are there, it should be OBVIOUS to them that they need this product! ARGH! WHY DON’T THEY BUY?!?!?”

I feel your pain.

And frankly, with all the focus on Traffic in the Internet Marketing community, I don’t think there’s enough energy spent on conversion. Traffic IS important, but without understanding “Why People Buy”, and then building your website accordingly, the traffic is totally pointless.


Well, I should say that “You’ve got to know this stuff IF you want

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Free Webinar – Improve Your Online Business

If you’ve got a sales page or a squeeze page, you probably would like to make it perform better than it currently does.


At least, that’s my guess (I haven’t yet met anyone who has told me that they make too much money already, so I think it’s a safe bet.)

So I’m willing to help you with your website in an open, free webinar that I’m conducting this coming Tuesday at Noon PST, 3pm EST.

Think of it as your professor’s "office hours" at college. You show up, say "Hey, here’s my work. How’d I do?"

Or maybe you’ve got a particular problem you want to solve.

Or maybe there’s