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He said ‘Because that’s where the money is.’

People ask me why I attend so many trainings, or study so many home study courses. My answer is the same as the bank robber Willie Sutton. When Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he replied, " Because that’s where the money is." I was gone 5 whole days out of last week to […]

People ask me why I attend so many trainings, or study so many home study courses.

My answer is the same as the bank robber Willie Sutton. When Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he replied, " Because that’s where the money is."

I was gone 5 whole days out of last week to attend a very special training course run by Eben Pagan. In attendance were other smart marketers, including Jeff Walker, Lou D’Alo, and Joe Polish…and about 150 other students.

The room was packed for some life-changing information. Want to know what it was about?

"Advanced Learning and Teaching Techniques."

Now, all things being equal, this is NOT a course I would have normally made time for. But since Eben was teaching it, attendance was a non-issue. Of course, I’d go!

And I’m glad I did.

So in this message today, there are TWO VITAL CONCEPTS I want to focus you on. Knowing them each will help you be more successful … starting today.

The first is this:


Most of us think that learning something new is a purely intellectual matter. But the truth of the matter is that we learn things in order to DO something…and specifically something NEW.

Learning is of little value unless you put that learning to good use … in other words, you need to take action.

Now this may not come across as earth shattering to you, but it was to me, because there have been many times in my life where I’ve heard something, and then thought I KNEW it.

But true "knowing" comes from actually "doing".

And true success only comes from doing something DIFFERENT than you are doing right now.

In other words, the real point of learning is to acquire new behaviors. If you "learned" something new, but nothing in your life or business was different as a result, then what was the value of the learning?


Those five days raised the standard for me, personally, for just about everything I do, and it will change my life forever, because it is no longer enough to intellectually know something. I have to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT based on my new knowledge.

Now there was another concept that Eben discussed during the course that is maybe even MORE powerful.


What is inevitability thinking? It’s the idea that you set things up in your life so that it’d be harder to fail than it would be to succeed.

It’s setting things up, and being someone different, such that things just WORK OUT for you, and you get what you want.


Here’s a tiny example.

Do you ever need to remember to take something with you when you leave the house in the morning?

And have you ever forgotten to take it?

(I have.)

And have you ever stressed out about remembering to take it with you?

(I have.)

Well, if you were an "inevitability thinker," you’d do one small thing to just SET THINGS UP so that you couldn’t forget. So you couldn’t fail.

What would that be?

At night, before you go to bed, put your car keys on top of the thing you need to take with you.

In the morning, you cannot leave the house without going directly to the thing you need to remember.

Simple, right? So simple, it’s almost cheating.


During this training, Eben pointed out that you can set up your business in ways that are just as simple so that success is inevitable.

So what are YOUR goals?

A million dollars next year? Ten Million? Vacations? Health? Family Time?

What can you do right now to make those goals INEVITABLE?

The bad news is that the Advanced Learning and Teaching training isn’t available right now. It may be some day, and when it is, I recommend you invest in it.

But it turns out that Eben taught his Inevitability Thinking in his Altitude program.

I attended the very first Altitude program and was blown away by what I learned.

Now, you need to understand that Eben’s Altitude Program is not for everybody. It’s for people who have an ongoing business — maybe a few hundred thousand a year to a million a year — and it helps them take that business to $10 million a year.

Eben knows a thing or two about this topic — he built his company from nothing to over $20,000 in just FIVE years.

And every top marketer I know has either attended Altitude or will be picking up the Home Study course, that Eben is now making available.

Altitude Home Study Course

If you would like to grow your business from where it is now to where you want it to be — and if you want that growth to be INEVITABLE —  then get Altitude.

Or at the very least, go visit Eben’s page, where he’s got lots of free training and videos for you.

Watch some free Altitude Home Study videos here

To Your Success,


P.S. Did you learn something about business from this message?


Eben’s message about behavior change was an important one. But he went even further with it. You see, simple behavior change (ie Doing something different) is just the FIRST LEVEL of learning.

The second level of learning is even more powerful.

The second level is to actually TRANSFORM yourself into a different person.

In other words, you become the kind of person that acts differently. From there, everything you do is automatic.

Here’s what I mean…

When a smoker quits smoking, they do their level best to muster the will power to NOT SMOKE. They are deciding and acting (or not acting) each time, all over again.

But a non-smoker doesn’t even THINK ABOUT picking up a cigarette.

He’s a different kind of person.

We all act consistently with the kind of person we are. Smokers smoke (or struggle with not smoking.) And non-smokers don’t even think about it.

And for business, struggling entrepreneurs act like struggling entrepreneurs, and intelligent businesspeople build multi-million dollar businesses.

Which are you?

Watch the free Altitude Home Study videos here