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Is Your Business “Launchable?”

I sent some emails yesterday offering to answer any questions you might have about Product Launch Formula, and whether it'd be right for your business. I've received a bunch of questions, and thought that a few of the answers might be of interest to you…whether or not you use PLF. That's because at the heart […]

I sent some emails yesterday offering to answer any questions you might have about Product Launch Formula, and whether it'd be right for your business.

I've received a bunch of questions, and thought that a few of the answers might be of interest to you…whether or not you use PLF.

That's because at the heart of these varied questions is the most central question: Is my business "launchable"?

And the answers can be very helpful because all of them involve thinking differently about your business…and that's something that anyone can do, PLF or not.

Here are a few of them (names and/or links shown with permission)

After you read them, I invite your comments about these answers…and your thoughts about how you might be able to think differently about your own business. Let's talk about it. Just go here:



I have an Adventure and Retreat Center on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Check out Do you think the PLF2 will work if applied to this offering?


What PLF will do for you is to get you thinking in terms of EVENTS that you can have at your resort.

The point is, why go to one beautiful place over another? It's a hard choice. But if you can come up with a special season, a special offer, a special EVENT at your resort, then you've got something PERFECT to not only fill your resort, but to build a real business.

…Especially if the people who you are targeting are FANATICS.

You'll probably want to come up with something for each season (but let's think in terms of just one at a time.)

So, is your resort a good place for fishing? Fishermen are nuts about their hobby. Is there a hunting? Also full of fanatics — and big money fanatics, too. Golf? No bigger nuts than Golfers! (I can say that…I AM one.)

If you don't have any of those things there, you can still bring someone in to run periodic events, like special healing retreats (advertise in San Francisco or So Ho!), or extra-luxurious and rare treatments of some sort.

You see where I'm going with this? Give someone a real reason to come there, make it an event, build a list, run it as a launch… Yeah, PLF would be great for you.



Hey Mark. I really appreciate you taking the time to keep me up to date w/ PLF.

I have a product that is a home run. It's wireless Interenet security. A lot of people don't realize how they can fall victim to Identity Theft just by checking their email at the local Starbucks.

I know PLF will work, and this product stands to make me a TON of money, one nice thing about it is it's a monthly service so it will have a monthly charge which equals residual income. And it's "only" $15/mo….

Here's my site:

I have two things working against me. 1) I'm the developer of this product (and not a marketer) and 2) it's been in use for 2 years. I can't just "pretend" to suddenly have a solution. I know I could use an alias, but I just wouldn't feel right about it, especially if people found out and the word got out.

Can I ethically launch this product?


You CAN ethically relaunch a product without lying to your public, and there are several ways to do that.

Just take it off the market temporarily (week or two or three). Then relaunch it, either with a new name (you could realllly use a new one!) a new advertising campaign (you need one of those, too!), new pricing (we could tinker with this) or all three.

Yes, PLF can be great for you. For example, you can also launch "specials" in individual cities or states. You can do local launches, too. Three months for the price of one to start. Or maybe a dollar to start. Lots of options. You should also seriously consider using a large affiliate network to pay for leads. (You need a healthy conversion rate to be able to afford this, though.)

I took a look at your website, and you're right. It needs work. People don't think in the terms you've used…

What they care about is "Is starbucks wifi secure" and "is tmobile wifi safe?" and stuff like that. I'd go buy up all the domain names you can think of using words like those and start filling those sites up with articles about risks, best practices.

Build a list by offering do-it-yourself security best-practices. You'll use that to launch your new "product". Honestly, you have a very much-needed product. You just need to learn to communicate in terms your readers will understand.

My ProspectXray ebook (which is part of the bonus I'll give you when you sign up for PLF) will help you do that.

And PLF will do that for you, too. PLF will get you into a conversation with your customers that will show them that you understand them, speak their language, and can actually help them.

Good luck!



I have a business in development with partners around home gyms (; am looking at setting up sites leading to that one, having sales on remanufactured gym equipment and marketing to health clubs/schools as well as to consumers)

Challenge is to have to build a list of high end baby boomers (execs, really busy folks, ) , others who are interested in home gym, fitness, privacy, convenience

Would the PLF2 work for this?


Yes, this would work for your gym business.

But take a look at as a model. They sell one thing per day, and sell out of it almost every day. Their results would be vastly different if they were just a "store". But think about it for a moment…they do a launch every day!

So for you, what you might do is collect and buy your gym equipment for three weeks out of a month. Talk about the new equipment you're acquiring. Take questions about it…..and then Open the store for One or two days and sell out your whole months' inventory….Then start over the next week. Make the deals extremely attractive. Add some info products (with very small cost of goods) that you can add value with.

You'll have a launch every month — Sounds a bit like Jeff's Horizontal-Helix model, doesn't it?


I've got an ebook on how to buy meat on a budget. I feed my family (8 kids) on $100 a week. The $400 I've spent on my website is a lot of cash for me.

Let me know if you think the PLF is "perfect' for me now or if I should joint venture with someone else who is doing it or ????


Wow. I VERY much respect and admire what you do. That can't be easy to raise that many kids…let aloneon a tight budget.

As much as I think PLF would help you and your project, your family comes first. Do some JVs. Refine your marketing (please use the suggestions I sent you in a prior email), make some sales, save some money from your earnings, but take care of your family first.

Given your current financial situation, as tempting as it is, I'd recommend you NOT invest in PLF at this time.

I hope these questions and answers have been helpful to you, no matter what business you're in. Learn to think about your business differently.

There's almost always a way.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. PLF is closing its doors in just a few hours. Jeff has got a mess of bonuses that total over $7,000, and I'm offering some additional group coaching plus a collection of ALL of the internet marketing products I've ever created.

If you're certain PLF isn't for you, that's fine. We're all different.

But if you even suspect that PLF is what you need to launch your own business to 2x, 5x or 10x it's current level (or even 100x), then I encourage you to sign up. Do the Easy-Pay and try it out for 45 days. If after taking a look under the hood you don't like what you see, no worries. Say goodbye and Jeff will process your refund quickly and courteously.

I trust Jeff. I hope you trust me.

I trust that you'll do what's in your best interest.