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1ShoppingCart Upsell Express 1-Click Upsells

Finally, something great from the folks at 1ShoppingCart.

1SC has made some changes recently — a few that are helpful, and a few that are not. One of them, I think, is just a fantastic feature.

First, if you don’t know what 1ShoppingCart is, let me explain.

1ShoppingCart is the the most common all-in-one system for running your online infoproduct business. Built around the shopping cart is an autoresponder system, an email broadcast system, an affiliate management system, a basic split-testing system, and lots more that an online merchant needs.

If you’re just starting out online, using 1ShoppingCart for your new business is a pretty easy choice.

(You might know 1ShoppingCart by another name, like Marketer’s Choice. That’s because 1ShoppingCart has lots of private labels names lead to exactly the same spot — it’s all 1ShoppingCart underneath.)

So what’s the fantastic feature they just added?

1-Click Upsells!

You’ve always been able to send your buyers to a second sales page after making a purchase, but this is