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PPC Classroom Free? (Yup. Plus 3 Grand in Marketing Tools)

Have you heard about how PPC Classroomis now Free?  Yes, you can get ittotally for free. This is by FAR one of the best courses I’ve ever seen … it doesn’t get better than free!

Or…I thought …

…until I got an e-mail from Anik last night…

Anik & Amit somehow convinced someof the TOP marketers in the world toactually help their students in a BIG way.

They have convinced the authors of some of the BEST marketing tools & courses to give away their products for Free alongwith PPC Classroom…

So, you get $3,197 worth of Bonuses that are for SALE otherwise. This is not some "re-sell" junk — these are USEFUL and ESSENTIAL tools you’re going to need anyway…

Have a look:

Here’s a quick list…

Marketing Tools Traffic Traffic & Conversion

Affiliate Marketing, Articles and Traffic

I’ve got some (srongly) recommended reading for you today…and it’s linked to a way for you to drive NEW TRAFFIC to your site — and also learn about how affiliate marketing works.

Anik Singal is my go-to guy for Affiliate Marketing. He’s the founder of Affiliate Classroom (, THE place to go to learn how to run an affiliate business.

As you know, the way you earn with affiliate marketing is by getting traffic, and then sending it to a merchant’s site — using your special “affiliate link”. One great way you can get that traffic — and we’ve talked about this a bit over the last couple of weeks — is through article marketing.

With article marketing, you write an article, post it to an article directory, and dozens or hundreds of other website owners post your article onto THEIR site (because they need content for their site). When people visit THEIR site and follow YOUR link and then buy, YOU get paid for the sale.

Nice, eh?

And of course, you can