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Do You Struggle with Copywriting?

Do you struggle with copywriting?

Here’s how to know if you do:

1. You sit down to write your sales letter, autoresponder, or advertisement, with your hands over the keyboard…and your fingers don’t move!
(If you don’t have know where to start, you’ll never ever finish.)

2. You wonder constantly "What do I say next?"
(Good copy follows a formula for getting a reader from where they are to where you want them to be: a buyer.)

3. Even after you’ve struggled for days or weeks, you still have a feeling that something is wrong — so you delete it and start over. Twice.
(If you don’t understand how copy is read by someone else — someone who is NOT you — you can’t truly know if your copy is going to be effective.)

Whether you struggle with your copy or not, it can still be good — even great — if it sells.

But usually, struggling with your copy is a sure sign that your