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Ebook Answers Bonus — How can you write your ebook faster? (Free teleseminar)

Some people ask me how I managed to write so many ebooks in such a short amount of time (It’s about 23, I think, at this point.)

It used to be a hard question to answer because I didn’t really think about it much.

I just had a certain way of going about it.

But over time, I got even better at it. And quicker. And I systemetized the process so I could follow the process time after time. And now, new ebooks get written blazingly fast! (You’d be surprised at how quickly I wrote one of my best ebooks — you’ll find out on the next page.)

But, in advance of the Big Bucks Ebook Kickstart webinar, I wanted to share with you some of my

Ebook Creation Product Creation

Ebook Answers #4 – Will my Ebook Sell?

Among all the questions that I’m receiving on my blog about ebooks, probably the most important one is this one.

Because without this question — and a good answer — not much else matters. Bob wrote…

"First, thanks for the info in your e-mail and, yes, I would like a copy of your template(s).

I have a wide background in business and usually have no trouble writing but how do you find a topic that will really draw interest?"

Well, Bob, I wish more people would ask that question before sitting down to write (and then writing me for help) because everything — ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING — becomes easier once you answer this questions properly.

* Your title pretty much writes itself, and speaks DIRECTLY to your prospect.

* The ebook content becomes CLEAR to you, so writing the entire book becomes EASY.

* Almost all of the hard marketing work is already done, because you know exactly who to market to, who NOT to market to, and who’s going to buy your book.

And lots of questions never need to be asked, like…