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Ebook Answers Bonus — How can you write your ebook faster? (Free teleseminar)

Some people ask me how I managed to write so many ebooks in such a short amount of time (It’s about 23, I think, at this point.)

It used to be a hard question to answer because I didn’t really think about it much.

I just had a certain way of going about it.

But over time, I got even better at it. And quicker. And I systemetized the process so I could follow the process time after time. And now, new ebooks get written blazingly fast! (You’d be surprised at how quickly I wrote one of my best ebooks — you’ll find out on the next page.)

But, in advance of the Big Bucks Ebook Kickstart webinar, I wanted to share with you some of my

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Ebook Inspiration – Rich People Think Big, And…what about YOU?

Have you read "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by Harv Eker?

If you haven’t, I want to recommend it to you. I got it about 2 years ago, and have probably read it 8 or 10 times. In fact, I just went through it THREE more times about two weeks ago, one right after the other. (NOT kidding!)


Because I, like Millions of people around the world, am always looking to improve myself, and to help others do the same.

So I read about three or four books like this a month. Sometimes more.

This last time going through Millionaire Mind, I keyed in on something special about the difference between thinking big and thinking small, about sharing your gifts with the world versus keeping them private, and about living the life you want versus struggling your whole life while you continue to wish things were different.

That’s why I’ve

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Ebook Answers – Are you one of THESE people?

In about two weeks, I’m going to be holding my Big Bucks Ebook Kickstart webinar.

Will you be there?

If you’re any one of THESE people, then you NEED to be there.

*** Are you a beginner and want to write an ebook, but have no idea what to write it about? ***

Well then YOU are in a very good spot. The best thing you can do right now is to select a topic…and it’s a LOT EASIER than you think, once you know how.

I’ll give you the best guidance ever on getting the "competetive advantage" over everyone else in your market, originally given by one of the world’s best copywriters.

(If you follow this specific advice, you’ll automatically have

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Ebook Answers #12: 11 Other ways to make Big Bucks with your ebook

I get asked this question a lot by people who have no idea about this business of ours — this info-marketing business.

They don’t get it about ebooks.

And so they ask this question, very naively…

"Why write an ebook?"

Okay, so the obvious answer — the one that comes to mind immediately for us — is that you write an ebook so you can sell the ebook!


Of course! High profit. Low costs.

Yeah, everyone knows that. But what not everyone knows is that there are 11 OTHER reasons to write an ebook, BESIDES just making money from the sale of the book. So, here’s the list — I’ve cultivated it over the last few years. Some of the reasons are filled with money. Others are filled with purpose.

(And I’ve actually got another 7 reasons tucked away for later.)

But all of them

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Oh No! Why Your Ebook Webinar Registration is DELAYED!

If you are wanting and waiting to know how to make lots of money with your own ebook…

…and how to make it EASIER to write your ebook,
…and how to write your ebook FASTER
…and how to make an ebook that will SELL ITSELF,
…and how to make an ebook that GENERATES MONEY for you 24 hours a day
…and how to make an ebook that becomes the CASH FLOW CENTER of your entire online business

…then you’re going to have to wait.

And I’m sorry for that.

Here’s the back story…

Have you ever done something innocently and then ended up

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Ebook Answers #11 – How to KickStart your Big Money Ebook

I used to think that the biggest problem with writing ebooks is getting started. We all have dreams, and passions, and knowledge — or simply a desire to sell something online — but a whole bunch of us have trouble actually writing those first words.

It turns out, though, that I might have been wrong.

The biggest problem is NOT writing those first words.

The biggest problem is writing those first words FIRST.

Okay, that’s got to be a bit confusing to you, so I’ll explain.

There’s a big difference between writing a small-money (or no-money) ebook, and writing an ebook that sells continually, throws off lots of money, and builds a business for you — what I call a Big Money Ebook.

Because, look, quite honestly, writing just any old small-money ebook is actually easy. Just type what you want to say into Microsoft Word. Tap. Tap. Tap.

You may feel fulfilled that you got it all down on "paper", but you’ll spend all of your time struggling to make it sell. It won’t.

(I just got an email the other day from a reader in Africa. He said, " I have several ebooks on a $18,000,000,000 yearly industry and yet i cannot seem to find the people (to buy it). " Sheesh.)

Great example. But just typing the words is not what we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about

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Ebook Answers #10 – Do you suffer from the Passion Trap?

The other day, I asked the question, “What makes YOU an Expert?

Did you read that article? If not, I suggest you do. It’s important because so many people — aspiring online entrepreneurs like you — fill their heads with negative talk that keeps them from living their dreams.

Well, today, I’ve got another perspective on this whole Expert thing. And, like yesterday, you might hate me, or think I’m wrong, or crazy to say what I’m going to say.

Well, if you do, let me know. But it will be at the expense of your own success.

You see, a lot of people DON”T write a book because they don’t think they’re enough of an expert to be writing one. Those same people believe that you DO have to be an expert in order to be qualified to write anything.

So those people — probably including YOU — are PASSIONATE about their field, COMMITTED to their purpose, yet are STUCK by their own silly mental rules in an immobilizing situation.

And so they go NOWHERE with their dreams, their businesses, or their lives.

Where does the problem come from?

It’s because they

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Ebook Answers #9 – What Makes YOU an Expert?

The bad thing about this next question we’re going to tackle is that it’s a crippling one — until it’s answered.

In fact, this one question may keep more prospective authors — people like YOU — from writing their ebooks than almost any other question.

It probably stops more people than "how to make a pdf" or "how do I put up a website.’

And the bad part about this question is that it strikes at the heart of your business, your personality and your own identity.

So what’s this important question?

Here it is:

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Ebook Answers #7 – How Can I Stay Motivated to Finish My eBook?

I listened to an audio a couple of weeks ago, and what I heard was kinda funny. The recording was of John Reese and Jonathan Mizel talking about creating an online business.

And one of them (I think it was Jonathan) told a story about how one of his students called him up and said "I finally finished my Book! It’s Perfect!"

And so Jonathan asked "That’s great. How long have you been working on it?"

"Two Years," he replied.


And just today, I listened to a recording that Perry Marshall sent me of an interview with a guy who took 10 months to write his bodybuilding book.

Okay, so I’ve got a few things to say about that.

First, what the heck are

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Ebook Answers #6 – How Many Pages Does My Ebook Need to Be?

If you’ve never written anything longer than a letter to grandma, the idea of writing an ebook must seem daunting.

A huge barrier that you need to overcome…

And I think a lot of that fear comes from the idea that your ebook has to be 100 pages long, or more. (I just heard an audio recording of a guy that took 10 months to write his book…LOL!)

I got this question from Donahue just a few days ago. He wrote…

Someone already asked my question…what is a good rule of thumb for length. I have seen 16 pages to 97 pages. My favorite is Triumph of the Stupid. (not just cause you wrote it).

Thanks, Donahue!

One thing I noticed instantly about this question was that the page count was relatively low. Several of the other questions had the count much higher.

And some of the other comments I received, from people who had actually finished writing their books, was that they had written over 200 pages. And I was on the phone with someone today who said the same thing!

200 pages!

I was astounded, actually.