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Ebook Answers #2 – Free Ebook Template Solves Problems

Well, I guess you can’t make everyone happy all the time.

In response to my post on Ebooks and Teleseminars back in December, someone named DCS wrote me a comment which wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but welcome nonetheless.

DCS wrote:

Mark your article is a little disingenuous. I have written 2 ebooks only to find out that was the easy part (and it wasn’t) the hard part is marketing them. I have only sold a couple in the past year.

So for DCS, writing the ebook was easy. But now he can’t sell it.

So what I say is that DCS didn’t create his ebook properly. I’m guessing he made the same mistake that most people make. I’m guessing that what DCS didn’t do is BUILD THE MARKETING IN to his ebooks.

Over the years, I’ve developed several ways to build the marketing into every new ebook I write. So I know — based on a lot of factors — that the book is going to sell.

And I’ll give you one of those factors right now.

(This might surprise you, it might anger you, or it might give you a big AHA! that inspires you. Leave me a comment and let me know.)

If you intend to benefit someone — your reader — when he reads your book, you’ve got a heavy responsibility. Even if the book is about how to train a dog, getting that dog trained can be tough. What can get in the way???

* Your reader can order the book and not read it.
* He can order the book and read chapter 1.
* He might start reading and quit half way.
* He might read the whole thing and never do anything with the information.

So if it’s a dog training book to make Fido sit and stay, that’s not so important. Big deal.

But if it’s a dog training book to make sure the dog no longer attacks strangers, it’s VERY important.

By the same token, if your book is about financial management, stock trading, or anything financial, you’ve got some compliance issues to deal with. People’s livelihood, retirement and security are at stake.

Or maybe your book is about knee pain. Imagine the joy you can bring to Grandpa by getting him up out of his chair, dropping his cane, and playing with his grandkids on the front lawn.

Now, I’ve got no idea what ebook YOU want to write. But I will make one giant assumption…


And the advice you intend to give in your ebook is of value and works.

(Frankly, if your ebook content were bogus and fraudulent, I’d rather you not use my template.)

So if you have the opportunity to help so many people with something as important as what you know, then you’ve got a responsibility TO your reader to do everything you can to make him follow through.

In other words…

You need him to read the entire book.
And then you need him to take action based on what he now knows.

And that’s where inspiration comes in.

Lots of people think inspiration, case studies, and testimonials are only so much fluff and filler content. They’ll see right through what you are doing, point a finger at you and say "quit this rah rah BS….let’s get to the IMPORTANT stuff!!!"

But the rah rah, if done right, IS THE IMPORTANT STUFF!!!

Everything else is secondary.

You’ve got a job to do and a promise to keep to your reader.

Inspiring your reader to take action and change his or her life is right up there at the top.

Oh, and there are 6 other reasons to inspire your reader, too. But this letter is getting long. More on that later, if that’s okay with you.

For now…Let’s see if we can get you started with your new ebook.


Okay, well here’s how you can get my ebook template. Just keep in mind that I developed it for myself, and am sending it to you on a bit of short notice. I’ve been meaning to revise it a bit, but I gotta tell you that this template is going to give you a headstart of several hours of writing time.

Plus, it will make your ebook look better.

It doesn’t have any fancy graphics, and it’s not glossy. Some people can make an ebook look better than this, but everything in this template is done for a reason…

…and that reason is principally to make my ebook easier to write, effective for the reader, and sell like crazy.

Plus, it’s got some other money-making features built right in. See if you can pick them out.

I’ll be sending you more info on how to use the template. For now, just download the thing and read what’s inside.


Here’s where you can get the Free Ebook Template.

Go Get it Now!

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

p.s. Thanks to everyone who sent in an email about being an intern. I’ve got tons, and I’m sure I’ll find a nugget or two in there. Please give me a week or so to get through them all.