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You Help Haiti And I’ll Help You

Here’s the bottom line. You already know about the horrible earthquake tragedy in Haiti. A quick glance at any news channel on TV, or any news site online, and you can see the devastation.

I was thinking the other day about how I can help the people in Haiti beyond the cash that I am giving on my own. How can I get other good people to join me in helping the Haitians.

And then an idea came to me.

I could bribe you.

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Oh No! Why Your Ebook Webinar Registration is DELAYED!

If you are wanting and waiting to know how to make lots of money with your own ebook…

…and how to make it EASIER to write your ebook,
…and how to write your ebook FASTER
…and how to make an ebook that will SELL ITSELF,
…and how to make an ebook that GENERATES MONEY for you 24 hours a day
…and how to make an ebook that becomes the CASH FLOW CENTER of your entire online business

…then you’re going to have to wait.

And I’m sorry for that.

Here’s the back story…

Have you ever done something innocently and then ended up

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Ebook Answers #8 – One Way to Build Marketing Into your Ebook (and Guarantee it will Sell)

My good friend Joel Comm interviewed me for his live Internet TV show on Wednesday. I was apparently his guinea pig for some split-screen magic he was doing. Cool stuff!

And Joel started asking me about Big Money Ebooks.

So I explained that a Big Money Ebook is a book that has the marketing built into it, so that it makes its own sales. He asked me to share a few "Big Money" secrets with him and his viewers.

And then he made a joke about how "First, you put up a sales page and sell it….THEN you write the ebook."

He thought he was so funny.

But he was right.

One of the MOST effective ways to know if your ebook will sell is to

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Ebook Answers #7 – How Can I Stay Motivated to Finish My eBook?

I listened to an audio a couple of weeks ago, and what I heard was kinda funny. The recording was of John Reese and Jonathan Mizel talking about creating an online business.

And one of them (I think it was Jonathan) told a story about how one of his students called him up and said "I finally finished my Book! It’s Perfect!"

And so Jonathan asked "That’s great. How long have you been working on it?"

"Two Years," he replied.


And just today, I listened to a recording that Perry Marshall sent me of an interview with a guy who took 10 months to write his bodybuilding book.

Okay, so I’ve got a few things to say about that.

First, what the heck are

Marketing Seminars

He said ‘Because that’s where the money is.’

People ask me why I attend so many trainings, or study so many home study courses.

My answer is the same as the bank robber Willie Sutton. When Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he replied, " Because that’s where the money is."

I was gone 5 whole days out of last week to attend a very special training course run by Eben Pagan. In attendance were other smart marketers, including Jeff Walker, Lou D’Alo, and Joe Polish…and about 150 other students.

The room was packed for some life-changing information. Want to know what it was about?

"Advanced Learning and Teaching Techniques."

Now, all things being equal, this is NOT a course I would have normally made time for. But since Eben was teaching it, attendance was a non-issue. Of course, I’d go!

And I’m glad I did.

So in this message today, there are TWO VITAL CONCEPTS I want to focus you on. Knowing them each will help you be more successful … starting today.

The first is this:

Product Launches

How Product Launches Work

I hope that, in all the time you’ve been a reader of mine, that you’ve come to know that I only send you mail when something is truly important. I get asked to tell my readers about new things all the time, but I more often do not pass on the information unless and until I know it’s going ot help you.

But when something is important — you’ll hear from me.

In times like these, perhaps before you’ve really felt the crunch of the economic downturn in your industry, it’s more important than ever that you

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Copywriting – Some heartfelt advice to a friend who needs help

I have a friend in the Internet Marketing business and I feel bad for him. The guy is smart — very smart. He knows things that other people need to learn. His products are very good, and he’s got everything in place to really explode in his niche online.

On top of all that, the guy has been through a lot of adversity in his life, and he deserves a little success, and an easier existence.

You probably know someone just like him (or maybe it’s you).

He’s got a lot going for him…
He’s very methodical. (He likes to do the same things over and over again).
He’s driven (he’ll work like heck to get what he wants).

But he’s got a few negatives, as well.

Including, unfortunately, that

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Six Tips for Online Businesses to Survive and Thrive in Hard Times

Yes, we’re in a big economic downturn. Yes, it’s going to be here a while. Yes, it’s going to be hard for a lot of people.

Yes, thousands of businesses will close their doors.

So tell me something: WHY DO PEOPLE CUT BACK ON MARKETING when times get tough?

Have YOU ever wondered that?

It’s a curious question, but the first reaction of most business people facing tough times is "cut the marketing"!!!

It is, after all, a very large expense in most companies. So it’s an easy line-item to cut.

But WHY, when you know that customers are going to be tougher to find, would you PURPOSELY stop looking for them?

If the pool of available prospects were shrinking, why do you add to your own suffering by REFUSING TO ATTRACT them?

You’d think — if business owners were rational people — that they would make the path from "prospect" to "customer" as slippery as possible during tough times.

You’d think that people who wanted their businesses to survive would redouble their advertising and marketing efforts during tough times so that THEIR PIECE OF THE PIE at least stayed the same, even as the pie itself became smaller. 


It’s as though they’ve decided that they don’t deserve to win — or to even survive.

They give up.

And that is very, very strange.

Don’t you still need to pay your employees? Feed your family? Protect your own future?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last week or so, as I’ve been avoiding cable news, newspapers and talk radio.

I thought a lot about this. And now I understand.

LET ME ASK YOU this question…

If you knew that when you

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Seth Godin Apologizes

Seth Godin’s post yesterday, which many people have characterized as promoting clickfraud, created a firestorm of controversy all over the web.

Seth’s response to the uproar was to post an explanation of his thinking, which to me actually made the problem worse.

I’m sure his inbox was flooded, and a few well-written comments to both of his posts generated the following apology from Seth:

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Offensive Marketing

I was at a Dan Kennedy seminar last week in Anaheim…and he talked about how you gotta polarize your audience…something I’ve known for a while and talk about frequently.

Your job as a marketer is to make your customers KNOW that you are talking to THEM….and make those you are NOT talking to know that too.

You’ll only know that your marketing is effective when your non-prospects begin to COMPLAIN … loudly. Dan said that he only knew that a client was on the right track when one of his prospects called the police. Great story.

And Dan was giddy to tell it.

This all came to life for me when — the day after that Dan Kennedy seminar