Bad Advertising

Bad Advertising – Zappos

In my occasional Bad Advertising series here on, I write about advertising and marketing that strikes me as misguided, wasteful, or just plain wrong.

In the past, I’ve railed against a local shopping mall store which totally mis-spent its advertising. That beauty shop, which had advertising posted in the men’s room at the mall, among other places, is now gone.

I’ve written about Ford’s "Drive One" campaign — not because of the slogan, but because they are committed to the campaign for 5 years because they wouldn’t be able to measure results any quicker. Ford, along with the other big US Automakers, is now begging Washington for a bailout.

Today’s message is not about a company that’s destined to fail…it’s about a company that is doing very well, but just missing a valuable opportunity to sell into a very active, and mostly affluent crowd.

I recently flew to Malaysia and Singapore to speak at Simon Leung and Stuart Tan’s "The Smart Seminar" events. Asia was an amazing experience — and a place I never thought I’d have occasion to visit.

At Los Angeles International Airport, I was in line at the security checkpoint when I saw the trays where you have to unload all of your personal belongings — wallet, keys, cell phone, laptop, coat, shoes…and once again saw something that I’ve always thought was a missed opportunity.

Take a look at the photo.