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Free Webinar – Improve Your Online Business

If you’ve got a sales page or a squeeze page, you probably would like to make it perform better than it currently does.


At least, that’s my guess (I haven’t yet met anyone who has told me that they make too much money already, so I think it’s a safe bet.)

So I’m willing to help you with your website in an open, free webinar that I’m conducting this coming Tuesday at Noon PST, 3pm EST.

Think of it as your professor’s "office hours" at college. You show up, say "Hey, here’s my work. How’d I do?"

Or maybe you’ve got a particular problem you want to solve.

Or maybe there’s

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You Help Haiti And I’ll Help You

Here’s the bottom line. You already know about the horrible earthquake tragedy in Haiti. A quick glance at any news channel on TV, or any news site online, and you can see the devastation.

I was thinking the other day about how I can help the people in Haiti beyond the cash that I am giving on my own. How can I get other good people to join me in helping the Haitians.

And then an idea came to me.

I could bribe you.