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What is a Squeeze Page?

It was a simple email that I got today, but it was followed up by a longer letter explaining how desperate she was to create an online business that works. She wants to sell ebooks.

She asked "I am new to this internet marketing thing. What is a ‘squeezed page’, and how do I make one. Someone told me I should for my new website."

It’s humbling…because I remember when I first heard about squeeze pages, and I didn’t understand them either. And once I did, I didn’t believe that they’d actually work. (they do). But that was many years ago.

So here’s the answer for Carol, for you, and for any friend you’d like to pass this lesson on to.

A squeeze page is a page designed to do one thing and one thing only — to

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Copywriting – Some heartfelt advice to a friend who needs help

I have a friend in the Internet Marketing business and I feel bad for him. The guy is smart — very smart. He knows things that other people need to learn. His products are very good, and he’s got everything in place to really explode in his niche online.

On top of all that, the guy has been through a lot of adversity in his life, and he deserves a little success, and an easier existence.

You probably know someone just like him (or maybe it’s you).

He’s got a lot going for him…
He’s very methodical. (He likes to do the same things over and over again).
He’s driven (he’ll work like heck to get what he wants).

But he’s got a few negatives, as well.

Including, unfortunately, that

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Traffic Course Scholarship Winner. You?

Lots to tell you about today.


I’ve been getting emails asking if people can register early for the course. If the site were ready right now, I’d say OK, but it’s not — I’m scrambling, still adding some traffic-magnet features to the course.


The official registration date is tomorrow,

THURSDAY, October 2, 2008
12 Noon PDT, 3pm EDT

There are some VERY limited bonuses available to just a few people, and because of the personal nature of the course, total enrollment will be limited, too.

If you truly are committed to finally becoming successful online, and your

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The Easiest Way to Get Free Traffic

If you do what I’m about to tell you — what one of the expert faculty in my new traffic system will walk you through, step by step, you’ll get links — from dozens to hundreds of them — on sites all over the web.

And as you know already, once you’ve got your website set up to tell the search engines what your site is about, your next job is to get links pointing back to your site.

Oh, and here’s something you probably didn’t know.

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Offensive Marketing

I was at a Dan Kennedy seminar last week in Anaheim…and he talked about how you gotta polarize your audience…something I’ve known for a while and talk about frequently.

Your job as a marketer is to make your customers KNOW that you are talking to THEM….and make those you are NOT talking to know that too.

You’ll only know that your marketing is effective when your non-prospects begin to COMPLAIN … loudly. Dan said that he only knew that a client was on the right track when one of his prospects called the police. Great story.

And Dan was giddy to tell it.

This all came to life for me when — the day after that Dan Kennedy seminar

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Simpler and Faster the Second Time Around

Okay, so you know that I’m both a marketing guy and a techie guy, right?

I can write copy, put up websites, run product launches, set up shopping carts, install testing and tracking scripts, do my own webmastering work, and install programs (like blogs) when I need them.

Easy. Done it a million times.


Sometimes it’s NOT that easy. Some things are truly like reading GREEK — especially when I’m doing something new and the instructions aren’t clear — and I find myself in the very same spot that you are in with so many of the marketing and techie tasks you’re faced with.

It’s so FRUSTRATING because you know what you want to do…you know that OTHER PEOPLE have done it…and it just shouldn’t be THAT HARD!

You know what I mean, right? Someone says “just do THIS” and you don’t even know what the heck this IS! Well, last night I had such an experience.

I was installing a program to