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How Do I Improve My Squeeze Page?

The video I posted last week about "What is a squeeze page" got some responses … and more questions … about Squeeze Pages.

You asked…

  • Should I use a squeeze page for my site to build trust with my prospects?
  • How do I make the autoresponder and Squeeze Page work together?
  • How do you make a squeeze page?
  • Where do I put the squeeze page relative to the rest of my website?
  • How do I use a squeeze page with my blog?
  • What is the best thing to offer?
  • Is it okay to have other links on my Squeeze Page?
  • How do I write my autoresponder messages?
  • Can I use a squeeze page with affiliate products?
  • How do I write the copy for my Squeeze Page?

These are all great questions…and ones that I’ll answer in the coming days for you in a BIG WAY. It’s kind of a surprise/thank you/gift kind of thing…a gift that will keep on giving.

So stay tuned for that.

For now, though, I want to

Conversion Landing Pages Traffic & Conversion

Squeeze Pages – 7 Deadly Mistakes New Marketers Make When Trying to Build a List

If you’re new to Internet Marketing, then there’s a good chance you’re making at least a few of these 7 Deadly Squeeze page Mistakes. The good news is that you can easily fix these mistakes — and it may take less time than you think.

1) Bad Headline

The sole purpose of a headline is to get the reader to read the next line. And copywriting experts often say that the Headline is 70% to 90% responsible for conversions on a page. Make sure your headline arouses curiousity and interest, and gets someone to keep reading. Boring headlines chase away readers.

2) Too Much Text!

Your goal with your squeeze page is to tell someone just enough so that they want