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Ebook Answers #12: 11 Other ways to make Big Bucks with your ebook

I get asked this question a lot by people who have no idea about this business of ours — this info-marketing business.

They don’t get it about ebooks.

And so they ask this question, very naively…

"Why write an ebook?"

Okay, so the obvious answer — the one that comes to mind immediately for us — is that you write an ebook so you can sell the ebook!


Of course! High profit. Low costs.

Yeah, everyone knows that. But what not everyone knows is that there are 11 OTHER reasons to write an ebook, BESIDES just making money from the sale of the book. So, here’s the list — I’ve cultivated it over the last few years. Some of the reasons are filled with money. Others are filled with purpose.

(And I’ve actually got another 7 reasons tucked away for later.)

But all of them