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Ebook Answers Bonus — How can you write your ebook faster? (Free teleseminar)

Some people ask me how I managed to write so many ebooks in such a short amount of time (It’s about 23, I think, at this point.)

It used to be a hard question to answer because I didn’t really think about it much.

I just had a certain way of going about it.

But over time, I got even better at it. And quicker. And I systemetized the process so I could follow the process time after time. And now, new ebooks get written blazingly fast! (You’d be surprised at how quickly I wrote one of my best ebooks — you’ll find out on the next page.)

But, in advance of the Big Bucks Ebook Kickstart webinar, I wanted to share with you some of my

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Ebook Answers – Are you one of THESE people?

In about two weeks, I’m going to be holding my Big Bucks Ebook Kickstart webinar.

Will you be there?

If you’re any one of THESE people, then you NEED to be there.

*** Are you a beginner and want to write an ebook, but have no idea what to write it about? ***

Well then YOU are in a very good spot. The best thing you can do right now is to select a topic…and it’s a LOT EASIER than you think, once you know how.

I’ll give you the best guidance ever on getting the "competetive advantage" over everyone else in your market, originally given by one of the world’s best copywriters.

(If you follow this specific advice, you’ll automatically have

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Ebook Answers #3 – Tackling a Big Job Easily

Here’s another ebook question from last month’s mailbag.

It was Bruce who asked me…

I have always had tons of ideas that I would love to put into eBooks. However when I sit down to do it I find that it is way to tedious for me. Any information on how to streamline and easily put together ebooks would be great.

Bruce, I understand what you mean.

Any time you start a new project, you stand at the edge of it, look out across your big dreams and plans, and marvel at how big a project it is.

How are you EVER going to write 100 pages of great, compelling information on your topic? Where’s all that information going to come from? How are you ever going to tackle such a BIG JOB?

Well, I’ve got an answer for you.

But let me