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If you do what I’m about to tell you — what one of the expert faculty in my new traffic system will walk you through, step by step, you’ll get links — from dozens to hundreds of them — on sites all over the web. And as you know already, once you’ve got your website […]

If you do what I’m about to tell you — what one of the expert faculty in my new traffic system will walk you through, step by step, you’ll get links — from dozens to hundreds of them — on sites all over the web.

And as you know already, once you’ve got your website set up to tell the search engines what your site is about, your next job is to get links pointing back to your site.

Oh, and here’s something you probably didn’t know.

There are two kinds of links you can get. Reciprocal links are where you put a link pointing to another website on your site, and then they put a link on their website pointing back to your site. Two way. Get it?

One way links are where someone just puts a link on their site pointing to your site.

Guess which one Google and Yahoo think are more valuable?

That’s right. The ONE WAY links.

And doing this will give you one way links. Tons of them.

(Honestly, you should do this. Like TODAY. Even if you do it wrong, it will help get traffic to your siteā€¦not in a week or two, but TODAY.)

So, are you ready?

Here’s how you get traffic starting today: Create an article.

Notice I didn’t say WRITE an article. Chances are, you’ve already done most of the writing you’ll need. Hang with me for a moment.

There are lots of ways to make a buck online. There’s a TON of them who make a living by publishing a website, getting traffic to that website, and then making a few bucks with Adsense or affiliate links or other advertising.

People like this are STARVING for good content for their sites. They can’t possibly create all that they need.

That’s where YOUR ARTICLE comes in.

They’ll put your article on their site, including the link back to your website, for their own selfish gain.

But maybe you don’t know how to create an article, so I’ll give you a quick 6-step plan for writing an article in 20 min or less, assuming you’ve got an ebook or some other content already created.

1) Go dive into your ebook — something you’ve already done — and find 5 or 6 paragraphs that are a complete idea. The idea could be the WHY of your business or a tiny part of it (like “Why graphite golf clubs are best”) or the WHAT of your business (“Here’s what yoga masters do before unrolling their mat”). Copy those paragraphs into a new document.

2) Write a quick introductory paragraph. It could be something that educates a bit about the WHO of your subject (if your article is about a Quilting technique, then your intro can be about the different fabrics quilters use that makes your sewing tips necessary)

3) Write a quick wrap up for the ending that talks about what someone can do next, now that you’ve solved the problem for them. Or, the conclusion can be a recap of the problem and solution.

NOTE: Do NOT pitch your product or service in the article. Don’t even talk about your product. Here’s why:

4) Write a short byline (often called a ‘resource box’ in the online article world) that says something like “Mark Gardner is a life-long environmentalist, journalist and business owner. Get his ‘7 Easy Steps to Greening your office’ for free here:“. Simple, right?

5) Now, go read your article. What’s it about? Write a title for the article, and make sure it includes your keywords (“Big Tomatoes – 7 tips for growing red, ripe, juicy tomatoes”)

6) Now, go to and and sign up for a new account for free. Post your article there.

As soon as your article is approved, it will be posted on their sites. ( will post your article immediately).

Sometimes, your article will be found by Google within hours, and the Google Juice will begin to flow. Your article will also be listed among their new articles, making it likely that a publisher of a website in your field will pick up your article and put it on HIS site — and they have to include your link as part of their terms of use.

The better your articles, the more often it will be picked up by publishers, and the more links you’ll get.

See how easy that is?

Can you think of ANY reason to not start today? I doubt you can, but if you still want to wait, I’ve got some good news for you.

The expert faculty in my new Traffic System is the most well known and respected “article expert” on the web. He’s taught thousands of people just LIKE YOU how to write quickly, easily, and painlessly for your online business — and how to drive massive TRAFFIC with your articles.

He’ll show you the different kinds of articles, which ones work best, which ones are quickest to write (he’ll show you how the best and quickest are the same kind of article), and how to make it fun, easy and nearly automatic.

Like the REUSE tip I just told you about.

So what’s the news? As a part of the system, he’s going to talk you right through the writing of your first article (if for some reason you don’t handle it today). And I’ll be holding your hand the whole way, too.

So go sign up now for the Priority List for my new traffic system. You’ll be notified when the system is open for registration ahead anyone else. Priority list members will receive the greatest discounts, and be eligible for the best bonuses.

Joining the list is free, and you can do that here:

To Your success,

–Mark Widawer

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