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The Product Launch Coaching you asked for…Free?

If you've seen the $100,000 Product Launch Video in my previous post, you've also seen several comments from my readers asking for private help from me to help make their launches successful, too. And here's a snippet of an email that I got today asking pretty much the same question… 1) What help did you […]

If you've seen the $100,000 Product Launch Video in my previous post, you've also seen several comments from my readers asking for private help from me to help make their launches successful, too.

And here's a snippet of an email that I got today asking pretty much the same question…

1) What help did you give to Adam and why couldn't he do the PLF himself?
2) Have you helped others to do them?
3) Could you help ME do some [product launches] once I take the new PLF class/course from Jeff Walker?

The short answers are
1) Quite a bit, including a lot of consultation and strategy work.
2) Yes, and I'm currently working with three other launch projects
3) I'm nearly at capacity so I'm not really sure about taking on more private projects. (See below)

But still, I've been struggling to figure out what I can do to help you become successful with PLF…WITHOUT having you dig deep into your pocket.

And here's what I can do for you…


If you get Product Launch Formula through, I'll invite you to a series of Product Launch Coaching Calls.

I'll help you and the rest of my PLF members execute your launches by holding a series of Office Hour webinar calls. You can bring your launch questions, and we'll discuss and answer them in an open forum.

We can decide on your launch strategy, your list-building strategies, your stories, your price points…so that you can get your launch off to a great start, and maybe even reach the same kind of success that Adam had.

Need your landing pages reviewed? Want to make sure your autoresponder messages and broadcasts are telling the right story? Got technical or tool questions that you can't find answers to?

Then this is perfect for you.

It won't be a lecture — The sessions will focus on YOUR questions. But we'll get our hands dirty and do things live.

We'll do at least four of these sessions, and maybe continue longer than that if necessary.

And included in the Coaching will be email support to a private email address — ONLY for product launch questions — that will even extend beyond the Coaching calls.

IMPORTANT: Because of the personal nature of this coaching, this bonus will go to the FIRST 10 BUYERS ONLY.

But there's more… Much more… For EVERYBODY who gets Product Launch Formula Today, Thursday, through my link, you'll also receive…


…and that even includes the unreleased ones.

You may not know this, but I've got all the tools to make your website and your launch a huge success.

For the last two years, I've been working on "Sales Page Profits", a complete system for building your sales page and generating traffic to your site. Only a few of the modules are released individually, but here's the entire list of what I've created, and what you'll get — FREE — with your PLF2 order.

* Prospect Xray – knowing your customer (Critical FIRST step)
* Survey Power — Surveys are a part of the PLF strategy. Here's how to do it.

* Teleseminar Templates — everything you need to run and promote teleseminars
* Blogging for Marketers — about to be released….You gotta have a blog to do a launch!
* Reuse, Repurpose, Reprofit — Overwhelmed? Here's how to leverage your time and effort. (Even make new products with almost zero effort or time.)
* Building Bonuses to Boost Sales — How to make bonuses from almost nothing (or less) and improve sales immediately.

* Squeeze Page Cash Machine — Webinar course tells you EXACTLY how to get leads through squeeze pages. (PLF relies on Squeeze Pages!)
* List Power — How to build and manage your lists
* Million Dollar Template — Your sales page is already built! Can't have a launch without a sales page!
* Landing Page Cash Machine — Tactics that SELL on your sales page
* Super Link Cloaker — Automatically cloak your affiliate links
* Making Offers and Adding Value — Make your buyers salivate. Ding!
* Landing Page Psycho — Psychological and subliminal landing page tactics

* Copywriting for Adwords — Co-authored with David Garfinkel.
* Googleicious — Drop your Google Cost Per Click by 90% or more
* SEO Finally Made Easy — Easy-to-use, clear advice on getting organic traffic.

* Google Analytics for Marketers — Know where your traffic is coming from? Google does. Here's how to use it.

* 77 Critical Internet Marketing Resources — All the rest of the tools you'll need. Most are free. The rest are cheap! You need this guide

That's everything I've ever created, and I've been preparing the launch of the entire system with a $2,000 target offer.

But you'll get it — every last ebook, mp3 and video — Free when you get PLF2 at


Here's how to redeem your bonus…

Once you place your order for PLF2, forward to me your sales confirmation that Jeff's system will send you. Use this address:

As soon as Jeff announces the course schedule, delivery dates, and any other details, we'll schedule your coaching calls to get you the most benefit.

And we'll get you the Sales Page Profit System, too.



I hope so, but if it doesn't, post a comment here.

Or write me at

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. ONLY ONE OF THESE: For the first person who orders PLF2 and emails me their order confirmation, I'll give four hours of private consultations — about launches, Adwords, site building — whatever you need. And for the next four buyers after that, they'll each get a one-hour private consultation.  

So Hurry!

P.P.S. I might have a spot for one more private launch client. I'll know in a week or two. I'll only accept PLF members, however, because they'll have a much better understanding of the process. As a result, I'll be offering a substantial discount off of my regular coaching rates. Write me if you're interested at